Name November Coin Auction 11/19/2017
Auctioneer Adcock-Britz Auction
Date(s) 11/19/2017
Sunday November 19th, 2017 ----------- 10:00 AM
Preview Date/Time Prior to Auction starting at 8:00 AM or by appointment
Checkout Date/Time Day of Auction
Location 408 W Jefferson
Auburn, IL 62615
Buyer Premium 5% charge on all purchases
ADCOCK- BRITZ LARGE RARE COIN AUCTION SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19th ,2017--------10:00 AM------- VIEWING STARTING AT 8:00 AM 408 W JEFFERSON ST, AUBURN, IL ( NORTH SIDE OF SQUARE) ALL COINS HELD UNTIL CHECK CLEARS, UNTIL ESTABLISHED WITH THE AUCTION COMPANY AUTHENTICITY OF COINS GUARENTEED--GRADING IS SUBJECTIVE Lot Description 1 1937 D Mercury Dime XF 2 1900 O Barber Quarter VG 3 1934 S Liberty Walking Half BU 4 1892 S Morgan Dollar XF 5 1894 O Morgan Dollar XF 6 2 - 1953 2 Dollar Bills Priest/Anderson 7 1935A Hawaii One Dollar Sillver Cert Julian/Morgenthau JR 8 10 cent Fractional Currency US 9 2 1928 2 Dollar Bills Clark/Snyder 10 1950A Ten Dollar Bill Priest/Humphrey 11 1899 Morgan Dollar XF 12 1903 S Morgan Dollar XF 13 1924 S Morgan Dollar AU 14 1934 S Morgan Dollar F 15 1797 Large Cent 3rd Rev Stems Rev of 97 G 16 2 - 2007 First Spouse Series Washington/Adams Bronze Metal BUNC NGC 17 1973 S Eisenhower Dollar 40th Anniv PCGS PR69DCAM Silver 18 2003 Silver Eagle ICG MS70 19 2013 Silver Eagle Early Reases NGC MS70 20 2006 Silver Eagle First Strike PCGS MS69 21 2014 Silver Eagle Early Releases NGC MS70 22 2003 Silver Eagle NGC MS69 23 2014 Silver Eagle NGC MS70 24 2002 Silver Eage ICG MS70 25 2008W Silver Eagle PCGS MS70 26 1835 Half Cent F 27 1937S Buffalo Nickel MS64 28 1826 Capped Bust Half Dollar XF40 29 1941D Liberty Walking Half Dollar MS60 30 1942 Liberty Walking Half Dollar CH UNC 31 1945 Liberty Walking Half Dollar CH UNC 32 1955 Franklin Half Dollar MS64 33 1914D Indian Head Quarter Eagle XF 34 1836 Capped Bust Dime G 35 1938D Liberty Walking Half Dollar PCGS Genuine 36 US Mint Veterans Comm Silver Dollars (3) UNC 37 2003 Yellow Stone National Park US Colorized $2 Bank Note UNC 38 100th Anniversary 2012 US RMS Titanic $2 Bank Note UNC 39 1992 White House 200th Anniversary Proof Silver Dollar 40 US Cent Type Set (7 coins) (Cents Large, Fyling Eagle, Copper Nickel, Indian, Steel, Memorial, Lincoln) 41 1960 US Mint Set (10 coins) 42 US Proof Franklin Half Dollars (10 coins) 43 1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollars Full Set (35 coins) F - XF 44 US Mint Mercury Dime Centiennial Gold Coin 45 American Silver Eagle Roll (20 coins) Mixed Date and Grades 46 US 25 Cent Fractional Currency 47 2 - 1957 One Dollar Silver Certificate Consecutive Numbers UNC 48 2 - 1976 Stamped Two Dollar Notes Consecutive Numbers UNC 49 1928 Five Dollar Note Clark/Snyder F 50 2 - 1963 Five Dollar US Notes Granahan/Dillon F 51 2 - 1963 Two Dollar Note Granahan/Dillion/Fowler F 52 1953 Two Dollar Note Smith/Dillon XF 53 4 - 1935 One Dollar Silver Certificates Consecurtive Numbers Granahan/Dillon UNC 54 1963 Five Dollar Note Granahan/Dillon XF 55 1928 Five Dollar Note Julian/Snyder XF 56 1911-D Lincoln Cent PCGS XF45 57 1912-D Lincoln Cent PCGS XF45 58 1913-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS62BN 59 1915-D Lincoln Cent PCGS AU53 60 1915-S Lincoln Cent PCGS VG10 61 1918-D Lincoln Cent PCGS XF45 62 1920-D Lincoln Cent PCGS AU55 63 1921-S Lincoln Cent PCGS AU53 64 1922-D Lincoln Cent PCGS VF20 65 1923-S Lincoln Cent PCGS AU53 66 1881-S Morgan Dollar ANACS MS64 67 1989-S Congress Half Dollar NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo 68 1982-S Wahsington Half Dollar NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo 69 1986-S Liberty Half Dollar NGC PF69 Ultra Cameo 70 1986-D Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS69 71 2001-P Capitol Half Dollar NGC MS69 72 1991-S Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS PR70DCAM 73 1999-S Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS PR70DCAM 74 1988-S Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS PR70CAM 75 1990-S Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS PR70DCAM 76 1924-S Lincoln Cent PCGS AU50 77 1925-D Lincoln Cent PCGS AU50 78 1926-D Lincoln Cent PCGS AU58 79 1926-S Lincoln Cent PCGS XF45 80 1927-S Lincoln Cent PCGS AU53 81 1928-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS62BN 82 1928-S Lincoln Cent PCGS AU53 83 1931-D Lincoln Cent PCGS AU55 84 1932-D Lincoln Cent PCGS MS62BN 85 1933 Lincoln Cent PCGS MS63BN 86 1953 Five Dollar Silver Certificate Priest/Anderson XF 87 1934 Five Dollar Silver Certificate Clark/Snyder XF 88 1957 One Dollar Silver Certificate Priest/Anderson UNC 89 1935 One Dollar Silver Certificate Julian/Morgenthau JR Africa Short Snoter F 90 1934 One Dollar Silver Certificate Funny Back Julian/ Morgenthau JR 91 1935 One Dollar Silver Certificate Granahan/Dillon XF 92 2002-D Sacagawea Dollar ICG MS67 93 2011-S Jefferson Nickel ANACS PR70 DCAM 94 2 - 2005-D Jefferson Nickels Ocean View 1st Day of Issue ICG MS67 95 1979-S Jefferson Nickel Type 2 PCGS PR69DCAM 96 2016 American Eagle 1/10th oz Gold BU 97 1917 Standing Liberty Quarter Type 1 G4 98 1911-S Indian Head 5 Dollar Gold VF 99 1923 Standing Liberty Quarter F 100 1920 Standing Liberty Quarter G4 101 1844-O Quarter F 102 1858-O Half Dollar G 103 1865 Three Cent (Nickel) VG 104 1937 Washington Quarter AU 105 1947-D Wahsington Quarter UNC 106 1965 SMS Jefferson Nickel NGC MS67 107 1994-P Jefferson Nickel NGC SP69 108 1938-D Buffalo Nickel NGC MS66 109 1955 Franklin Half Dollar NGC PF68 110 1956 Franklin Half Dollar Type 2 NGC PF68 111 1957 Franklin Half Dollar NGC PF68 112 1987-S Kennedy Half Dollar PCGS PR70DCAM 113 Limited Edition Red Book Medal 1946-2006 ANACS 114 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cent PCGS MS65RD 115 2009 Lincoln Bicentennial Cent PCGS MS65RD 116 American Silver Eagle Roll (20 coins) Mixed Date and Grades 117 1944-D Mercury Dime MS63 118 1865 Mexican Gold Peso XF 119 1967 Washington Quarter Clip UNC 120 1938-D Buffalo Nickel UNC 121 1950-D Jefferson Nickel UNC 122 1953-S Washington Carver Half Dollar AU 123 1859 Indian Head Cent G 124 1876-CC Dime G 125 1855 - 1/2 Dime With Arrows G 126 2013-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 127 2008-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 128 2011-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 129 2000-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 130 2001-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 131 2006-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 132 2005-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 133 2010-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 134 2002-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 135 2004-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 136 2007-S Lincoln Cent ANACS PR70 DCAM 137 1948-S Washington Quarter ANACS MS65 138 1962 Washington Quarter ANACS MS66 139 1853-O Liberty Seated Dime With Arrows G 140 1858 Liberty Seated Dime G 141 1944-P Jefferson Nickel UNC 142 1943-D Mercury Dime UNC 143 1945 Mercury Dime AU 144 1937-D Buffalo Nickel VF 145 1936-P Buffalo Nickel AU 146 1945-D Jefferson Nickel UNC 147 1916-D Walking Liberty Half G 148 1876 Liberty Seated Quarter G 149 1864 Two Cent Piece 150 1925 Stone Mt COMM Half Dollar AU 151 1926 Oregon Half Dollar COMM AU 152 1986 American Silve Eagle Proof 153 1886-S Liberty Head Half Eagle 5 Dollar Gold EF 154 2003 American Silver Eagle (Gold & Silver) UNC 155 2016 China Silver Panda NGC MS70 156 1883 Hawaii Half Dollar ANACS EF45 Cleaned 157 1883 Hawaii 25 Cent ANACS MS61 158 1900 Lafayette Dollar PCGS MS64 159 1893 Isabella 25 Cent Piece PCGS AU53 160 1910 Quarter Eagle Gold PCGS MS61 161 1909 Quarter Eagle Gold PCGS MS61 162 1923 Peace Dollar NGC MS65 163 1922 Peace Dollar NGC MS64+ 164 1921-S Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65 165 1883-O Morgan Dollar PCGS MS65 166 1895-O Morgan Dollar ICG VF25 167 1946-S Walking Liberty Half NGC MS65 168 1946-D Walking Liberty Half NGC MS65 169 1944-D Walking Liberty Half NGC MS66 170 1943 Walking Liberty Half NGC MS66 171 1943-S Walking Liberty Half PCGS MS65 172 1942 Walking Liberty Half NGC MS65 173 1941 Walking Liberty Half NGC MS66+ 174 1923 Saint Gaudens 20 Dollar Gold EF 175 1974 Normal Head Half Cent Fine 12 Details (Graffiti-Corroded) ANACS 176 1806 Draped Bust Half Cent ANACS EF45 177 1794 Normal Head One Cent Good Details ANACS AG3 (Corroded-Scratched) 178 1794 Normal Head One Cent VF Details ANACS VG8 (Corroded-Cleaned) 179 1803 Drake Bust One Cent PCGS VG10 Small Date, Sm Fraction 180 1830 Liberty Head Once Cent ANACS VF20 (Large Letters Corroded) 181 1858 Flying Eagle Once Cent ANACS VF30 (Large Letters Corroded) 182 1915 Barber Half Dollar NGC G6 183 1896-O Barber Quarter ANACS VG8 184 1853 Seated Liberty Quarter SEGS AU53 (Cleaned) 185 1917-D Standing Liberty Quarter Type 2 PCGS MS65FH 186 1923-S Standing Liberty Quarter PCGS VF25 187 1932-D Washington Quarter PCGS G04 188 1892-S Barber Half Dollar PCGS VG08 189 1893-S Barber Half Dollar PCGS G04 190 1897-O Barber Half Dollar PCGS G06 191 1899 Barber Half Dollar PCGS XF40 192 1909-S Lincoln Cent NGC G4BN 193 1909-VDB Lincoln Cent PCGS MS64RD 194 1914-D Lincoln Cent ICG VG10 195 1908 Liberty Head Nickel NGC MS65 196 1915 Buffalo Nickel PCGS MS64 197 1904 Barber Dime PCGS MS66 198 1916 Mercury Dime NGC MS65FB 199 1941-D Mercury Dime PCGS MS64FB 200 1904 Liberty Head Twenty Dollars Gold XF ADCOCK- BRITZ AUCTION FOR CATALOGS, BIDS OR INFORMATION CALL DARRELL 217-899-4411----ROBERT 217-725-3333 OR EMAIL TERMS: CASH---CHECK----VISA--MASTERCARD---4% CONVENIENCE FEE ON CARDS ANNOUNCEMENT AT TIME OF AUCTION TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER ALL WRITTEN MATERIALS YOU MAY LOOK AT THE COINS BEFORE THE AUCTION BY CALLING DARRELL ADCOCK 217-899-4411 OR ROBERT BRITZ 217-725-3333 FOR APPOINTMENT.
Terms and conditions of sale Cash or good check with proper I.D. day of sale. No goods removed from premises until settled for. All goods sold as is where is with no guarantees or warranties. Sales force acting as sales agents only and assume no guaranties or liabilities and are not responsible for accidents or goods after sold. The bidder is responsible for knowing which items he is bidding on. If he is unsure, he should inquire or not bid. When you become the bidder at auction you have affected a contract and will be expected to pay for items in which you were evidenced to be the successful bidder. Auctioneer will not honor "mistakes". The Auctioneer reserves the right to accept bids in any increments he feels is in the best interest of his client the seller. The Auctioneer reserves the right to reject the bidding of any person whose conduct, actions, or adverse comments he feels is not in the best interest of the seller. Announcements made at Auction take precedence over all printed matter. A check limit of $50.00 until you are an established customer and convenience fee of 4% will be applied to card purchases. Coins purchases will be held until your checks clear if unknown to auction service.
Currency USD
Buyer Premium 5% charge on all purchases
Payment Terms
Cash- check- Visa- Mastercard- Discover
Absentee bidders coins will be shipped upon payment for coins and shipping. Call the auction service to make arrangements for pickup or other shipping arrangements.